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When I decided to move to a senior living community where I could be assured of security and be able to maintain my independence, I chose CaraVita Village. I was assured also of nutritious and tasty meals each day. The bonuses I found at CaraVita were a variety of entertaining activities, a gracious and well maintained environment both inside and outside the spacious buildings, and also a caring and proficient staff to respond to my needs. CaraVita Village has provided me not only a happy and fulfilled lifestyle, but also that much sought-after comfort and peace of mind in today’s busy world.

Madera Spencer, Resident

Madera Spencer

Dear Ms. Allen, In December of 2012, I was faced with some major decisions regarding the health care of my father. His residing in Michigan made my decisions even more challenging because of the distance. My father went to Woodward Hills Nursing facility for rehab after being released from Beaumont Hospital in Southfield, Michigan where he was admitted after becoming critically ill. With so many questions about my father’s condition as well as his long term care looming, I decided to search for options in Alabama to help facilitate my father’s care.

During the Christmas holidays, I set out to find a dear friend of mine, Shirley Calhoun, that began residing at an Independent Living Community in Montgomery, Alabama. After living in Montgomery for over two decades and serving in the Alabama State Senate for almost 12 years, I had never heard of CaraVita Village, which I have since discovered is in the heart of the district I serve. The evening that I found the community, there was a holiday party going on for the residents of CaraVita. From the moment I walked through the doors of this community I was thoroughly impressed with the staff and the community as a whole. I was welcomed with open arms. As I began to inquire about the community and its offerings, the staff gave me a lot of good information and insisted that I speak to the residence Executive Director, and that was you Ms. Tonya Allen.

While you were consumed with the holiday event taking place for the residents of CaraVita, you took the time to speak to me about the many amenities that the community had to offer. You followed up with me to schedule a meeting. In that meeting, you allayed all my concerns about transitioning my father from Michigan to Alabama. First, you sold me on how wonderful the community would be for my father. Then you helped me work through the many issues surrounding my father’s relocation.

You personally worked with me to develop a transition plan that ensured my father’s move from Michigan to Alabama was smooth. The personal phone call that you took upon yourself to make to my father while he was in Michigan truly eased any concerns that he had about his transition. Ms. Allen, not only was my father’s relocation a smooth transition, but since the day that he arrived and became a resident of CaraVita, he has progressed tremendously. His health is improving daily. Ms. Allen, you are truly a blessing to the senior living industry. On behalf of my family and I, Thank You! We are forever grateful to you and for your assistance.

Sincerely, Quinton T. Ross, Jr. Alabama State Senator

Quinton T. Ross, Jr. Alabama State Senator




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